June 3, 2009:
One cosplay added, one dropped.




Welcome to Cosplay Caricature the site that says it's ok not to be a perfect cosplay but to try your best ^^ That's my belief that cosplay is about personification but it's also about fun. If you aren't having fun making your cosplay then why do it? After all isn't that what it's all about? This is my personal website filled with cosplays i've done, cosplays I want to do, and tips i've learned along the way. I'm no expert, i'm still a beginner, but weren't we all beginners once?


October 1, 2008:
Site going through renovations. Please disregard the mess for a few hours. Site should be fully operational again by 7:00pm EST (-5 GMT).

September 5, 2008:
Changing servers. Today we will be moving from our temporary home to the one you are now seeing.

September 3, 2008:
This site is currently being built. Don't forget to check back for my useful or rather not so useful tutorials. Mainly for beginners and just things i've learned along the way.


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